This job has nothing to do with birds (lower case); it’s has to do with Birds (upper case.) There’s a big difference. A bird is something with wings that flies through the sky. A Bird is an electric scooter with wheels that you can rent in many cities.

You can drop them off anywhere – but somebody has to pick them up and bring them back to a designated pickup area. If you can drive and have a car (or have access to one and someone to drive you), that someone can be you.


  • Assuming you already have a vehicle or access to one, this business can be quickly and easily started. The only other equipment needed is a smart phone.
  • Does not take a lot of skills – just moderate knowledge of a smartphone.
  • Work schedule is highly flexible.
  • Pay depends on hours you put in and can be lucrative.


  • Birds are not available in every city.
  • Where they are available, it can be competitive.
  • You must be able to get paid by direct deposit to a bank account.
  • You must have a space in your home to charge the scooters overnight.
  • In some cities, Birds are controversial because of safety concerns and – depending on where you live – the scooters may come under strict regulations that may curtail use.

How to get started:
NOTE: Before you start your business, you should read the page on this website entitled “things to think about before you start a business.” After you have taken the preliminary steps for starting any business, you can take the specific steps outlined below.

Bird scooters came on the scene last year and are rapidly spreading across the United States. The electric scooters are billed as a ride sharing service that is economical, convenient and good for the environment.

Riders use smartphones to locate and unlock scooters and they pay for each minute of use. After they get to their destination, riders do not have to bring them back – they simply leave them in a safe location. (You might want to visit the company’s website to learn more.)

That’s where bird chargers come in. They locate the scooters (also using a smartphone) and scoop them up. Chargers then charge the scooters overnight, using equipment the company sends them, before returning the scooters to designated drop-off areas the next morning.

Chargers get paid for each scooter returned. (The fee varies but currently is at least $5 per scooter.) To join the charger program, visit

To register to be a Bird charger, click here.

How much to charge:
The fee you earned is determined by the company.

Taking it to the next level:

Media reports agree that the Bird-charging field can become quite competitive in some areas as more people get into it. If this job appeals to you, why not try to get a few friends together and form an alliance – you can hunt for the scooters as a team and split the proceeds.

The idea is that, if one of you has a bad day, you would still make money as long as some members of the team have a good day.

That’s the way animals hunt on the plains of Africa it seems to work for them!

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