Many young people often dream about being the next social media celebrity with thousands of likes and followers to prove it. The actuality of that happening is like playing the lottery, slim chance but not impossible. In fact, even if you don’t become famous, you can still make some extra cash for your posts on social media.

If you aren’t shy about being in front of a camera and sharing your life on the internet, you can make a decent living on social media. Below is a list of pros and cons of being a social media influencer:


  • Great for Extroverts: If you love attention and being a social butterfly, this path may be perfect for you.
  • Sparks Creativity: The demand for interesting and unique content is ever growing. As a social media influencer, you have to think out of the box to keep your audience engaged.
  • Free Stuff: If you are able to grow your following to the thousands, sponsors will come to you and send you free products in hoping that you will share them with your followers. Cool, huh?
  • Opportunities to Sell Your Own Merchandise: Hard core fans will buy T-shirts, key chains, books, classes and other things you create. This opens up other business opportunities for you.


  • Time Consuming: Photography, Graphic Design, Video Production, Keyword and Hashtag research, consistent posting, responding to messages and comments: All of this takes up more time the popular you become.
  • Reputation Maintenance: Constantly shouting out to sponsors might be annoying to your followers. Yet, not doing it enough may encourage those companies to take their money to other influencers instead. Finding a balance to keep everyone happy can be challenging.
  • Cyberbullies, Spammers, Bots and other Undesirables: Putting your life on the internet takes a tough skin. There will be bad comments, spammers, bots and trolls causing havoc on your profile. It is up to you to handle it in a professional manner.

How to get started:

NOTE: Before you start your business, you should read the page on this website entitled “things to think about before you get started.” After you have taken the preliminary steps for starting any business, you can take the specific steps outlined below.

So how do you make money on Instagram? It seems like these social media influencers don’t really do much of anything but take selfies for a living (some of them do, especially make-up enthusiasts). 

Take a moment to go through one of your favorite social media influencer’s posts. See anything special? Are they mentioning products they use? How about apps? Or a certain weight-loss plan? Maybe they recommend a book or tag a famous restaurant or retailer they are visiting. 

It might surprise you to know that a good hunk of those types of posts are sponsored (paid for) by the companies who make the products and services. Businesses call this Micro Influencer Marketing, and it works.

To make money on social media, you need to build your following up organically by promoting a certain lifestyle or hobby that interests people. Here are some ideas, along with potential sponsorship opportunities for each:

Health – Fitness, Healthy Eating, Sports, etc.

Sponsorship opportunities: Exercise equipment and accessories, Health Tracking Apps, Supplements, Cookbooks, Fitness coaching programs, Gyms, Health foods, etc.

Beauty and Fashion – Makeup Artists, Hair Stylist, Fashion Trends, Organic Beauty, etc

Sponsorship opportunities: Makeup brands, clothing brands, Nail polish, Jewelry, facial cleansers, shampoo, bath bombs, other beauty products.

Musician – Instrument Player, Singer, Classical Music, etc.

Sponsorship opportunities: Musical Instrument Brands, Music Apps, Music Coaching Programs, etc.

Arts and Crafts – Soap Making, Knitting, Painter, Digital Art, etc

Sponsorship opportunities: Digital Art Programs, Supplies, How to books, etc.

Note: These categories are very general, so try to find a niche within a niche to set yourself apart from everyone else.


So do you have what it takes to get paid for Instagram posts? In order to do so, you must constantly be on top of maintaining your following and creating content. Who knows? Maybe you will become the next Social Media Celebrity!

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