Do you believe in the ideology of “more prospects, the better?” If yes, it might be time to reconsider. Why? It is because this ideology depends on the “type of prospects.” If your marketing team is unaware of the target audience, efforts to pursue the prospects will go in vain.

That’s why having a well-constructed plan of action is essential. It acts as a guide for the marketing team and ensures long-term success.

Despite that, many organizations approach B2B marketing in the same way as B2C marketing. The target audience in both marketing tactics is entirely different. Consequently, the result deviates from what is desired.

Fortunately, you can improve your B2B marketing.

Are you wondering, How? Continue reading to know!

#1 Cold Calling

Cold calling is an age-old technique to connect with the right prospect and share your pitch. However, to reap its benefits, adequate training of employees is a must.

Your sales representatives must know how to:

  • Greet,
  • Represent the company
  • Pitch the idea

Apparently, small organizations are often understaffed- consequently, employees are overworked. Those attending the cold calls might not have the time and resources to pitch the client properly.

To deal with this situation, it would be wise to outsource Cold Calling Services for your B2B marketing campaign. The outsourced professionals can understand your business’s needs and direct the marketing efforts to accomplish positive results. They can help turn prospects into leads and hold the potential to boost the conversion rate by 9.5%.

#2 Personalized Email Marketing

Did you know that 81% of SMBs use email for customer acquisition and retention? That’s not all!

The return on investment on email marketing is quite impressive. For every $1 spent on email marketing, the average return is $42- conditioned that the pitch is clear and engaging.

Many businesses, especially startups, often incorporate business jargon and data to make the bid look “professional.” However, such emails typically fail. It’s because the recipient must spend extra time and effort knowing what the company offers.

On the other hand, if the email is personalized, it helps break the ice and captivate the recipient to learn more.

Personalizing an email need not be a hassle. Simple information such as adding the company name, appreciating their work and establishing a mutual connection can do the trick.

Apart from this, make sure the email is short, crisp and clear. It makes the pitch exciting and offers desirable results.

#3 Follow-Ups

Finally, follow-ups are critical to evaluate the effectiveness of the strategy and converting leads. Statistics show that 26.1% of inbound leads are generated within 5 minutes of follow-up inquiries.

Obviously, the results may vary depending on the industry and project. Still, your team must get in touch with the prospects and seal the deal. The follow-up could be through call, email or text message. However, the pitch should be short and interactive.

To Sum It All Up

Bear in mind that there is no one-size-fits-all approach to B2B marketing. The technique that works for your competitor might not be ideal for you. So, you must research well, understand your prospects and try different strategies.

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