Social media marketing is an excellent tactic to promote your young startup because it gives an extensive reach with minimal spending. Instagram wins the game when it comes to choosing the ideal social media platforms for new businesses. It has extensive reach, with a massive fan following in almost every business domain. Running campaigns on it is pretty easy, provided you follow the platform’s algorithm religiously and churn creative posts accordingly. You can go the extra mile with your strategy to achieve more with less, being a new entrepreneur. Here are some proven Instagram hacks young startups can rely on.

Pay attention to your bio

Posting compelling photos and captions gives you a head start with Instagram marketing, but overlooking your bio is the worst mistake. Your Instagram bio introduces your young startup to the potential audience, so it should be complete, correct, and compelling. Ensure it includes essential elements such as a slogan that highlights your brand voice, a branded hashtag to encourage sharing, and a relevant bio link leading to your homepage. These elements help achieve goals like serving as a call to action and funneling visitors to your promotions.

Churn more video content

The good thing about Instagram is that it lets you play with a variety of content forms. You can share posts, stories, memes, and images, but videos are the real game-changers for startups. You may not have the budget to have a video team on board in the early stages of your business. But your marketers can experiment with native apps such as Hyperlapse and Boomerang to create and edit compelling videos.

Ramp up your ‘like’ game

Likes are the fuel for Instagram marketing, but you cannot expect to get enough of them for your posts as a startup. You can ramp up your ‘like’ game by buying them from a credible platform. Check Famoid for Instagram Likes to set the ball rolling for your young startup. A quick boost in the number of likes for your posts can add to your credit sooner than later, making them a worthwhile investment.

Figure out an ideal publishing frequency

Consistency is the name of the game for Instagram marketing, but the meaning of consistency may differ for businesses. A renowned brand must post every day or even several times daily. But young startups can start slow because they have fewer things to share. However, going too slow can be risky as it can deprive you of the visibility and reach to grow. Follow the competitors to understand how frequently you must share posts and create a realistic schedule with clarity on days and timelines for posts.

Master the use of hashtags

Hashtags can propel your Instagram presence by making your posts searchable and encouraging shares for your posts. But you must master the art of using hashtags to get the best outcomes. Follow the rule of “less is more” with hashtags, as too many of them can be counterintuitive. Use them creatively within the post instead of cramming them wherever possible. Also, stick with trending ones.

Young startups can make the most of Instagram marketing with a simple and strategic approach. Follow these tips to extend your reach and brand awareness sooner than later.

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