Going global is a popular trend for business owners as international markets are more receptive than ever. Countries such as Italy take the lead with high-demand, liberal regulations and simple tax structures. Not surprisingly, it is one of the top destinations for entrepreneurs because of the sheer ease of launching an overseas venture in the country. The smooth immigration route with the Italian investor visa makes the opportunity bigger and better. If you want to get your facts about the process right, there’s an interesting article written by Bersani Law to highlight them. Let us explain why it makes the best choice for forward-thinking entrepreneurs looking to break into the global market.

Investment starts with thousands

Although obtaining an investor visa is typically daunting from an investment perspective, it does not hold for the Italian investor visa. You can cruise through the residency journey with a minimum funding of €250,000, though there are other options of higher values. So you need not stretch your startup budget too much as you can still save a few thousand for settling in Italy and launching your enterprise. The funding value is affordable for most entrepreneurs as it is less than you can expect for other global destinations.

Safety of your funds is a given

You may have qualms about investing thousands or millions in another country to buy an investor visa. The apprehension is natural because the element of uncertainty is always there when it comes to immigration processes. But the safety of your funds is a given with the Italian investor visa. You bring nothing until the process is complete and you get your residence permit after landing in Italy. Until then, you only share your bank statements as a declaration of funds. It is a legit piece of evidence for the nulla osta (certificate of no impediment) process, which leads you to the investor visa.

A family-friendly immigration route

Another reason that makes the Italian investor visa a favorite for aspiring entrepreneurs is that it works for family immigration. You will surely expect your loved ones to accompany you to the country where you set up a new business. The Italian investor visa does not require additional investment for your family members. All you need is proof of income indicating your ability to support them during their stay in Italy. Moreover, they get a residence permit on landing, which opens the residency benefits for them.

A step toward Italian citizenship

Italy is a great country to live in, and you will probably want to settle for good once your business gets on a roll. The Italian investor visa is a perfect way to grow and stay as a citizen. You can travel visa-free across the EU as a resident and eventually become eligible for citizenship by naturalization after a decade-long stay in the country. It is a step toward the most powerful passport for yourself and your family.

Forward-thinking entrepreneurs have more than one reason to choose Italy as their global business destination. The ease of the Italian investor visa is the real game-changer as it makes family immigration a breeze.


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