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    Hello everyone, I have recently been a victim of business communication leakage and my Outlook suite was sending out emails to customers and within the organization on its own. I received an email from a colleague which seemed weird at first but I opened it anyway and I don’t know in what mind I clicked on the link that was sent in it and since then my whole outlook is compromised and sending out tons of emails (more than 1200 in a day yesterday). My customers are getting worried and so are my colleagues. I am a small business owner who is looking for cheaper options that doesn’t cost a lot since we are fairly new and facing such issues. Can anyone please suggest me something here? Thanks in advance.

    P.s. I am not that techy and have been told that getting an encryption over the network would be some sort of help for me and that installing a vpn/vps (whichever it is) over my router would help. Will changing Router IP help me (have came across this)? Let me know, thanks again!

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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