Market Segmentation & Pricing



  • 23-page guide to defining your customers and pricing your products/services
  • Access to a 14-minute pricing primer video
  • A custom pricing exercise and several journaling/analysis assignments.


Defining your customers and pricing your products and services

In this Rising Innovator Start-up module, you’re going to learn about some of the most important aspects of “discovering” your customers, figuring out what they do and don’t want, and setting your product or service prices accordingly. This module offers written perspective, a custom exercise, a video, and several journaling/analysis assignments designed to help you apply these lessons to your own plans and goals.

What’s inside?

Let’s take a peek…

  • Introduction
  • Know Your Market
  • Market Segmentation 101: Who are your buyers?
  • Pricing 101: How Prices Relate to Your Costs and to Your Customers
  • Intermediate Market Segmentation: Demographics, Psychographics, and More
  • Conclusion
  • Module Review – Questions and Explorations
  • Pricing Exercise