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Business Innovation Journey

An entrepreneurial course

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Rising Innovator has begun trialing the second version of our new entrepreneurial curriculum, Business Innovation Journey. This version is free, and will remain so.

Designed primarily for middle schoolers, the short 14-session course is first and foremost structured to foster those cognitive skills most desperately needed in the 21st century using business creation as the instructional vehicle. The specific methodology taught is the Lean Startup Method.

Rising Innovator is seeking middle schools to help test and improve this free course.

Competencies include:

  • Creativity and problem solving
  • The importance of empathy and ethics
  • Building an entrepreneurial mindset
  • Leadership through self-understanding

The curriculum also includes some hard skills:

  • Assessing a market
  • Strategy
  • Business finance and economics
  • Prototyping and testing
  • Presenting

Less than half of each session is direct instruction, with the majority of class time devoted to collaborative activities such as business case analysis. As a capstone to the Business Innovation Journey course, students pitch their new businesses to the class and any invited outsiders.

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    “As a Montessori instructor for 7th and 8th grade microeconomics, it made good sense to incorporate a curriculum that taught entrepreneurship. Rising Innovator’s was a natural fit! We are about half-way through the course and thus far the students are engaged with the material. They enjoy reading and discussing the case studies. The idea of being a member of a team in an ultimate pitch competition is especially appealing to them!”

    – Gillett Cole,
    Newgate School,
    Sarasota, Florida
    “As a team we were planning to have our students create a business as part of an interdisciplinary project. The Rising Innovator Curriculum helped our team deliver relevant business content to our students! Our students now have a lean start-up business plan they can use to start a business and the skill and tools needed to develop another in the future.”

    -Secondary teacher,
    The Cottonwood High School,
    El Dorado Hills, CA


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