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Rising Innovator offers additional assistance with starting or running a business through our downloadable modules. Currently we have two available, but with plans to offer more.

Marketing ModuleCreating & Presenting Your Product Story downloadable module
You will be given immediate access to the 41-page PDF file, which includes a link to a 15-minute video and our MVP Pitch Template to ensure you’re prepared for your pitch!

Marketing ModuleMarket Segmentation & Pricing downloadable module
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Book recommendations

In our travels, we sometimes come across interesting books. From time to time, Rising Innovator will recommend something we think will be helpful and/or just plain interesting to young entrepreneurs. We recommend the following books:


Kidpreneur Business Guide

“Kidpreneur’s Business Guide: Learn how to become a Kidpreneur “
by Shareen Kaheaku (Author), Nichole Vicks (Editor), Nnodim Osita-Clement (Editor)

Amazon is offering a free e-edition called “Kidpreneur’s Business Guide: Learn how to become a Kidpreneur” as part of Amazon’s Kindle Unlimited. The book also can be purchased by nonsubscribers.



What They Won't Teach You

“What They Won’t Teach You: How Young Entrepreneurs Can Find Success OUTSIDE of The Classroom”
Andre Haykal Jr.

In What They Won’t Teach You, 19-year-old author Andre Haykal Jr. shows the next generation of entrepreneurs and leaders how they can take advantage of opportunities outside of the traditional classroom. While not arguing that higher education is unnecessary (for instance, he discusses how to manage your time while still in school), the author attempts to, as the publicity blurb puts it, “open your eyes to the amazing things that ordinary people are achieving outside of the classroom.”



Founders at Work

“Founders at Work: Stories of Startups’ Early Days”
Jessica Livingston

You’ve probably heard stories about millionaires who started their businesses in their garage or dorm room. Often, that’s all you hear – what about the rest of the story?

That’s exactly what Jessica Livingston gives us in “Founders at Work.” She interviews creators of some of the most successful businesses like Apple, PayPal and Craigslist and finds out how they took their idea from small start-up to major corporation.

Everyone cannot be as successful as them, of course, but any young entrepreneur can learn lessons from some of the most successful entrepreneurs of our time.



The Little Girl's Guide the Entrepreneurship

“The Little Girl’s Guide to Entrepreneurship”
Emily McHugh

This book “provides inspiration, guidance, and a startup checklist to launch and grow an entrepreneurial venture,” according to its Amazon blurb. It was written by Emily McHugh and was inspired by a question from the author’s niece about whether she was too young to start a business. The question prompted McHugh to write a book to help readers – particularly young girls – realize the entrepreneurial potential within them. McHugh drew off her own experience: she majored in linguistics at Swarthmore College and expected to go into a field that took advantage of her language skills. But a job at a French bank lead to an MBA degree, which led to her launching an accessories company with her sister, according to an article about the author in a Swarthmore publication.



Adam Toren and Matthew Toren

Kidpreneurs was selected by “The Balance-Small Business” website as one of eight books for entepreneurs to read in 2019. It was named the best book for kids to read.
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“Crush it”
Gary Vaynerchuk

You may have seen or heard Gary Vaynerchuk (aka: Gary Vee) on YouTube, his own podcast, or being interviewed on other podcasts and shows. The popular entrepreneur/marketer brings his known brand of excitement and passion to his book, “Crush It!” Feeling meh about starting your own side gig or business? Get motivated by reading Gary’s step-by-step tips on how to find your passion and use social media, blogging, videos and other platforms to turn that passion into profit.



“The Richest Kids in America”
Mark Victor Hansen

Read about and get inspired by such tales as Jason O’Neill, a young entrepreneur who at the age of 9 came up with the idea of the Pencil Bug — an adornment on a pencil featuring eyeballs on pipe cleaners. Sound like a crazy idea? Maybe, but Jason has turned it into a successful business.



“The New, Totally Awesome Business Book for Kids”
Arthur Bochner and Rose Eichner

Written by two young entrepreneurs, a brother and a sister, with lots of personality. A fun read and a useful book, packed with good ideas and practical advice.



“You Can Be an Entrepreneur Too! —  A Kid’s Guide to Starting a Business”
Anthony Clark

A step-by-step guide to starting a business.

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