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Cultivate entrepreneurial skills in your classroom or at home

Now you can enroll your classroom or your student in our Business Innovation Journey™, an online adventure in which they will build actual businesses around their interests.

Working in collaboration with other kids around their own ages, they will be led through the processes that actual entrepreneurs use to identify opportunities and innovate. This 15-week program teaches the following key competencies of entrepreneurship:

  • Creativity and Problem Solving, the creative skills and impulses to identify opportunities and solve them.
  • Teamwork, a vital skill for success in any venture
  • Entrepreneurial Mindset, such as building character and perseverance
  • Leadership, including such skills as planning, organizing, self-analysis, management of self and others
  • Empathy and Ethics, including how understanding people can help turn their problems into sales
  • Market Analysis, including defining the market for a product or service and potential the competition
  • Marketing Strategy, learning how to best reach your customers
  • Finances, such as understanding profitability, cost/price, planning and management, and financial reports
  • Launching a Startup, we will teach the Lean Startup Method to help the children prototype and test their ideas
  • Presentation, success doesn’t just come from having a great idea, but also requires clear and effective communication

Our program was developed by experienced educators in partnership with multiple experienced entrepreneurs and has won rave reviews for being both fun and effective. Built atop the Montessori method of education, it is an experiential learning opportunity unlike any other.

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For teachers

As educators we all know that today’s youth will need entrepreneurial skills to succeed. The future won’t have many middle management, lever-pulling jobs; for children to succeed, they’ll have to look at the world in a different way than we did. Whether the teens you work with want to be athletes, bankers, or computer programmers, learning the ABC’s of entrepreneurship will help them to shape their own futures!

Rising Innovator is ready to help your school whether you want to teach our free Business Innovation Journey™ program or want more assistance. We have created a unique program that helps adolescents develop entrepreneurial skills.

For parents

It doesn’t matter whether your child wants to be
An athlete, an architect, or an artist…
A banker, a baker, or a ballerina…
A chef, a CEO, or a computer scientist…
learning the ABC’s of entrepreneurship will help your child to shape their own futures!

Choose the version you want to start with:

Why did we create the Business Innovation Journey™?

The future belongs to people who can look at the world and figure out how to change it. An entrepreneur sees beyond a problem in the world into the opportunity that lurks beyond it. The skills that allowed Steve Jobs and Henry Ford to revolutionize society are the same that any activist or artist needs to thrive in our information driven age. At Rising Innovator, we know the world belongs to young innovators. Changemakers. Trailblazers. Leaders. Those that come up with ideas that make our lives better, in ways both big and small.

Research has shown that adolescents who learn about entrepreneurship benefit from:

  • developing creativity and collaboration skills.
  • identifying and recognizing problems and thus, adapting to changes.
  • developing resilience and perseverance.

This 15-session program is structured to inspire, educate, mentor, and support young entrepreneurs with the tools and information designed to help them start and run a successful business.


Business Innovation Journey

Quick facts about Business Innovation Journey™

  • For teens aged 12 to 17
  • 15 weeks long
  • Online program meeting once a week for 1 hour each session (Web and Guided only)
  • Team based, students will create small groups to pursue business ideas
  • Free downloadable materials, reasonable prices for Web or Guided options


“As a Montessori instructor for 7th and 8th grade microeconomics, it made good sense to incorporate a program that taught entrepreneurship. Rising Innovator’s was a natural fit! We are about half-way through the course and thus far the students are engaged with the material. They enjoy reading and discussing the case studies. The idea of being a member of a team in an ultimate pitch competition is especially appealing to them!”

– Gillett Cole,
Newgate School,
Sarasota, Florida

“The Rising Innovator experience provides students with a modern approach to jump starting a brand new business venture of their own. Through the exploration of case studies, relevant historical content, and activities that build crucial business management skills, students learn to outline, then pitch their dreams! My personal favorite part of teaching this course is hearing the students’ responses to open discussions, as well as the journaling assignments. I feel like the students learn to look at the world through a new lens that has them assessing the strengths and weaknesses of businesses from the past and present, with an eye toward what the future will bring.”

– Sam Jagoda,
Entrepreneurship Teacher,
Bridgemont International School

“As a team we were planning to have our students create a business as part of an interdisciplinary project. The Rising Innovator Program helped our team deliver relevant business content to our students! Our students now have a lean start-up business plan they can use to start a business and the skill and tools needed to develop another in the future.”

-Secondary teacher,
The Cottonwood High School,
El Dorado Hills, CA


Summary of our program options:


Download all 7 units (14 lessons) of the course

  • Downloadable materials for 14 lessons (first 5 lessons available for free)
  • Includes lesson PDFs, PowerPoints, instructor notes, and handouts.
  • Available immediately with limited support

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Teach students on our online learning platform

$200/student up to a maximum of $1500/classroom
  • Everything in the Downloadable version with personalized support
  • Hosted on our online learning management system (LMS)
  • Includes our online accounting tool to help teens track their money
  • Additional lesson, cases and resources

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An online class led by our mentor teachers

$300/student up to a maximum of $2500/classroom
  • Everything in the Downloadable version with personalized support
  • Hosted on our online learning management system (LMS)
  • Includes our online accounting tool to help teens track their money
  • Additional lesson, cases and resources
  • Zoom lessons conducted by a teacher provided by Rising Innovator

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