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Writing for Rising Innovator

Rising Innovator welcomes submissions across a broad range of topics that align with our core mission of providing news, tips, ideas, interactive tools, and support for young entrepreneurs, their parents, and other adults such as school club leaders. An innovator may be an inventor as well, however Rising Innovator is not focused on invention beyond how it may be commercialized by children.

The vision of Rising Innovator is of a world where everyone — from artists, to scientists, to bankers, to activists — all have had some entrepreneurial experience and have learned to see the world through an entrepreneurial lens. We believe that, as the 21st cCentury progresses, there will be fewer and fewer lever-pulling and middle management opportunities. We are convinced that everyone must seize control of their own economic destiny. Beyond this, we firmly believe that entrepreneurial thinking – the ability to identify needs, see opportunities, and to drive change – should be a key skill that children learn.

Our mission is to be a key content destination for children, parents, and educators who are interested in inspiring and guiding children to take an active role in the economy. Our readers include:

  • Children aged 8 to 18
  • Parents whose children either are or wish to become entrepreneurs
  • School clubs for entrepreneurs, teachers of entrepreneurship, or leaders of programs that teach entrepreneurship

Rising Innovator publishes exclusively on the internet with a continuous update cycle. 

Rising Innovator was founded on the several key beliefs about the 21st Century:

  • Society is strengthened when citizens believe that they have the ability to identify problems and effect change, both entrepreneurial values;
  • This century’s workers will have fewer opportunities as employees;
  • Being a self-starter and entrepreneurial-minded will be key to success even as an employee of 21st century corporations;
  • That taking control of your financial destiny will be essential for security in an economy prone to cyclical disruptions;
  • That parents and schools are increasingly recognizing that entrepreneurship is an essential value that should be fostered in children


Rising Innovator offers many writing opportunities. Content that we may accept includes but is not limited to:

  • Information on how to start a business, written for children
  • Information for parents on how they may help a child to patent an invention
  • Information for children on how they can run a specific sort of business
  • Information on how a child can solve a specific type of business problem
  • Interactive games that help children to learn economics
  • Interactive tools that help children to manage their businesses
  • Topical business news features that may be of interest to children
  • Interviews with present innovators (children and adults both)
  • Profiles of past innovators that may be interesting to children
  • Reviews of tools and resources

We are open to pitches outside of these categories as long as the target audience is well defined and aligned with Rising Innovator’s.

Submission Instructions

Begin with a pitch. Please do not submit content without being invited after a pitch. Unsolicited content will be immediately deleted.

Before pitching please review our website at Get a feel for the types of content and ways it is organized. Pay special attention to the different ways that content should be presented for children than for adults.

A pitch may be sent as an email to The pitch must contain the following:

  1. Any relevant background or experience that shows your expertise
  2. Description of the topic and length of the content to be delivered
  3. Where the content might fit on the Rising Innovator website. If it is unclear how such content might be categorized, please suggest what new category it might fall under.
  4. Identify the target audience. Who is this content for? What is their age? What would motivate someone to read your material or use the tool you may have developed? What would they get out of it?
  5. Estimate the time it would take for you to complete and deliver the content.
  6. Provide links to samples of your work


At this time, Rising Innovator does not pay for articles submitted for publication, but will provide a link back to one website in a short bio area at the bottom of the article.


Rising Innovator will perpetually have rights to any purchased content and shall copyright the same. Nonetheless, Rising Innovator will grant any reasonable request for creators to reuse the content without charge so long as:

  1. The new use is not in competition with Rising Innovator
  2. The request is made more than 120 days after the content is submitted to Rising Innovator
  3. The new use will not allow the content to be further repurposed subsequently

Please understand that we cannot allow authors to preview content after it has been edited and copyedited and prior to publication.


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