Unfortunately, yes. The IRS does not exempt businesses from paying taxes just because the owner is a minor. Tax rules can get very complicated and you may want to have your parents talk with their accountant to be sure you are following all the rules.

But here are some general guidelines:

If your parents claim you as a dependent, you don’t have to pay taxes unless you earn more than the standard deduction amount for a single filer. In the 2016 tax year, that amount was $6,300. So if you earn less than that, you don’t have to pay taxes.

If you are considered self-employed, however, you have to pay a self-employment tax if your net earnings exceed $400.

Current IRS rules exempt certain types of work from the self-employment tax, such as baby-sitting, lawn-mowing, newspaper carriers, distributors and vendors. You may want to have your parents consult with an accountant to see if your business is exempt from the self-employment tax.

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