People generally read newspapers in the morning, which often means a trek down to the curb (perhaps in cold or rainy weather) before they’re fully dressed or have had their coffee.  A lot of people would be happy to have their newspaper on their doorstep instead of at the curb each morning, particularly since newspaper subscribers tend to be older.

— Little start-up costs, no skills to learn

— Early morning work, including school days
— Possible work during cold, rainy or snowy weather

How to Get Started:
NOTE: Before you start your business, you should read the page on this website entitled “things to think about before you get started.” After you have taken the preliminary steps for starting any business, you can take the specific steps outlined below.

To promote your business, you could go door to door, or you could pass out fliers around your neighborhood. If you have in your neighborhood, it would be an excellent way to get out the word about this kind of business.

How Much to Charge:
You could charge each customer about $15 or more per month, depending on how often the customer gets the local newspaper and how often a customer needs your service.

Taking it to the next level:
Ready to upgrade your business? You could offer another related service to your customers, such as collecting newspapers or mail while they are away on vacation.


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