What should young entrepreneurs do when they have a bad week, month or even a bad year? Maybe you’re wondering what to do after failing a class or going through a breakup. Or maybe you’re coping with even bigger issues like your parents’ divorce or a family member’s death. How can anyone run a business during tough times? If you’re going through a rough time, please know that you’re not alone.

There are many young entrepreneurs, and people with other interests or goals, who find themselves having mixed feelings of weariness, sadness, and anger among other emotions.

So, what happens now? Unfortunately, no one knows exactly what’s going to happen in the future. Everyone wants to believe that things will quickly get better. But no one can guarantee exactly when and how things will improve.

That said, there is hope.

Four Ways to Stay Motivated while Running a Business During Tough Times

There are some things you can do to cope, despite the uncertainty we may face in our personal lives.

1. Show up.

Find a reason (no matter how small) to get up in the morning. Your life probably already includes places that require you to be there, like school or a part-time job.

But you should also find one small thing to look forward to during the day, such as:

  • talking to a friend
  • watching your favorite show or podcast
  • making your favorite meal (or having someone make that meal for you)

2. Focus on how your business helps others.

You learned that your product or service helps make people’s lives better and easier when you started your business. Now’s the time to remind yourself that you’re smart and talented. You have customers who value the work you’re doing. It feels good to help other people.

3. Take care of yourself.

It’s tempting to pick up bad habits when dealing with life’s problems. You probably don’t feel like eating. Or maybe you can’t sleep.

Resist the urge to skip meals or stay up late. Be sure to eat at least small (and preferably healthy) meals during the day. Try to unplug from social media and other things at the end of the day. A quiet end to the day makes it easier to fall asleep.

4. Ask for help.

Taking care of yourself doesn’t mean you have to face your problems by yourself. Reach out to the people you trust to support and listen to you. This can include your parents, other family members, a teacher, and your friends.

Also, be open to getting help from a professional counselor from your school or another organization.

Final Thoughts

Believe it or not, your business can be a bright spot during a dark time in your life.

Remember to:

  • show up
  • take comfort in helping your customers
  • take care of yourself
  • reach out those you trust for help

Most young entrepreneurs face personal problems while starting and growing businesses. It’s part of life and the best way to cope is to keep going. You can keep running your business during tough times and build a bright future.

Photo by Nik Shuliahin on Unsplash

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