There’s no doubt about it — any young entrepreneurial is helping to make the world a better place But young entrepreneurs are putting those skills to work helping others who are less fortunate than themselves deserve our special thanks.

In our travels around YouTube, we found a few to whom we’d like to give a shout out.

Mowing lawns for a good cause

Jalin Clyburn, a 13-year-old young man from Lancaster, South Carolina, has been mowing lawns to serve his community and using the money to fund school supplies for those that need extra help as kids are heading back to school.

Her masks are a big hit

A 9-year-old young woman from Baltimore named Peyton Sproule has launched her company Perfectly Peyton. She is making and selling masks to protect against COVID 19. Her nicely fitting masks with wonderful fabric choices have made her a big hit. See what she has to say about her business in this video. (She also has a Facebook business page that features more of her designs.)

A platform for social change

Angelyna Victoria, a 16-year-old entrepreneur from Jakarta, has created a platform for social change targeting kids voices for self-expression.  As we are seeing issues of social justice dominate conversations in America, it is wonderful to see a fresh young start-up create a positive platform for raising awareness that is a youth initiative.  Meet Angie, as she calls herself in this story that was run by last month.

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