As we go into the last few weeks of this year, many people are already planning their goals to have for next year. But it’s still important to take care of a few things to help you end this year in a great way.

Here are five easy goals to have before the end of the year.

1.  Take a break

Spending some time by yourself is a great idea, even if you’re an extrovert who usually loves being around other people.

You can spend your break binge watching your favorite movies or shows. This is also your chance to enjoy your favorite hobbies, such as drawing, playing music, exercising, playing online/video games, etc.

Alone time is great for recharging your batteries.

2.  Get focused (or refocused)

The end of the year is a good time to think about any goals you set a few months ago (or longer). Ask yourself questions about the past 12 months. For example, what do you currently think about your business? Maybe sales and other parts of your business are doing well. Or maybe that’s not the case.

How do you feel about your current business? Ask yourself if you still enjoy running your current business. Think about what you like or dislike about being an entrepreneur.

Consider any business goals you had earlier this year. Did you meet those goals? Or do you feel distracted?

Take some time to decide whether your earlier goals are still important goals to have.

3.  Learn from this year’s ups and downs

No year is perfect, even if you’ve had a mostly good year. Use this time to consider what went right and what went wrong.

What was the most surprising moment for you during this past year? You can learn from your mistakes to make your business stronger for the new year.

And don’t forget to look at recent successes to learn about why those successes happened and how to use that information for next year.

4.  Make sure you have enough money for the rest of the year

Making a business budget for next year is one of the great goals to have for next year.  But there are at least a few days left this year. Use the end of the year to look at your business’ sales, expenses, and financial accounts.

Check to see if you’re spending money on any items or services that you no longer need. For example, you might see a monthly fee for a membership or subscription service that you don’t use anymore.

Now is also a good time to make financial plans before taxes are due, especially if you’re a new entrepreneur.

Take some time during the last few weeks of the year talking with family members or friends who can help you get ready for the upcoming tax season.

5.  Find ways to help other people

The holiday season has always been a traditional time for people to volunteer and/or donate to causes, charities, and nonprofit groups. This past year or so has been rough for many people and your help could do somebody a world of good.

Some entrepreneurs offer holiday giveaways to their customers. These prizes can range from giving away gift cards to more expensive items.

You could consider donating part of your business’ holiday sales or income to your favorite charity.

Sharing this idea with your customers also helps raise awareness for a great cause and/or nonprofit organization.

Other great ideas for helping others can include donating to online fundraising efforts (with popular sites like GoFundMe), as well as volunteering your time helping local charities.

Final Thoughts on Goals to Have for the End of the Year

There is still time to finish this year in a good way, even if the past months have been challenging for you. Consider:

1. Taking some time off from your business.

2. Getting focused.

3. Learning from your mistakes and your successes.

4. Checking your money accounts and planning for next year.

5. Donating or giving away some of your business’ products, income, or your time to help others.

Trying any of these goals to have for the end of the year can help you, your customers, and others prepare for a new, and hopefully better, year.

Photo by S O C I A L . C U T on Unsplash

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