You’re already dealing with a lot if you’re in college or if you will soon go to college. You also have a great idea for starting a business and earning some income. And what college student, or soon-to-be college student, couldn’t use some extra money?

Starting your first business while still in school can be tough. But your late teens and early 20s are great years to learn how to become an entrepreneur in college.

Check out the following four tips for balancing your college experience with your business:

1. Have priorities.

Think about your short-term and long-term goals for your career. Also, consider how school can help you with these goals.

Ask yourself these questions:

  • Why are you starting a business?
  • Why are you launching your business before graduation?
  • How much do you value staying in school?
  • How can your classes help you build a business?
  • Do you think you will continue growing your business after you graduate?
  • Make your classes work for your business.

2. Choose a major that is either related to your business’ industry or teaches you how businesses work (such as a business major or entrepreneurship major).

Select courses taught by professors and experts with real-world business or entrepreneur experience. Connect with your school’s other students and alumni.

3. Get to know your roommates, fellow classmates, and other students at your school.

This is an amazing way to find people who will support you and your business in different ways. College friends can offer encouragement, especially when you’re dealing with problems or challenges.

Your classmates and other people you meet can offer different ideas and different sets of skills to help your business. For example, if you meet someone with a social media or communications-related major, they could help you with ideas for promoting your business.

Also, find out if your school has an entrepreneurship or business department or program with alumni connections. If so, these types of programs can help you connect with mentors and learn how to run a business.

4. Look for a mentor.

Speaking of mentors, college gives you a large network to help you meet different types of professionals and experts. This makes it easier to find a mentor. Ask mentors to introduce you to local business development offices or professionals in your field or industry. Since you’re a college student, most people will be willing to help you.

Mentors can also offer advice, coaching, and opportunities to connect with businesses for college credit.

Takeaways for How to Become an Entrepreneur in College

You don’t need to already have a college degree to start a successful business. That said, staying in college can help you achieve a good balance between getting a great education while going after your dreams.

Here are four ideas for how to become an entrepreneur in college.

  • Prioritize your business goals and education goals.
  • Choose a major and classes that will teach you about your industry and running a business.
  • Take time to build friendships and connections with other students and alumni.
  • Find a mentor.

Balancing your college experience with entrepreneurship can help you grow your business. Your college years can also make you a more well-rounded person with a strong group of friends, mentors, and other people supporting you along the way.

Photo by javier trueba on Unsplash