Sometimes the simplest idea can blossom into a successful business. That’s exactly what happened to Ayaan and Mickey Naqvi, two brothers from Connecticut, with their product Ornament Anchors.

While they were decorating their Christmas tree, one of the ornaments fell off and shattered on the floor. Irritated by the traditional metal hooks everyone uses, an idea occurred to Ayann, who was 10 years old at the time.

“I thought – these silly hooks just don’t stay put! There has to be a better way to keep our ornaments safe on trees,” Ayaan explains on the product website.

Ayann developed what would come to be known as the Ornament Anchor; a hanger using a loop that tightens snugly around the branch, holding the ornament securely in place.

He entered his creation in his school’s Invention Convention, which he won. At the event, people were constantly asking where they could buy the new invention. Seeing he had something special, Ayann brought his older brother Mickey in on the project and together they perfected the device, patented it and even did their own market analysis for their new company.

The young entrepreneurs took the ornament holder to a local Christmas fair and saw results they could have only imagined. The Ornament Anchor sold over $1,000 of product in the first six hours. In their first year of sales, they made over $250,000 in revenue.

Yet the brothers also wanted to give back. They have pledged to donate 10 percent of their profits to animal shelters.

“Ever since I was super young, I’ve had a fascination with all of life’s creatures,” Ayaan explained to the New York Post. “My goal is to help as many animals in need as I can.”

While the brothers are at the helm of the company, it truly is a family affair. Their mother Amanda serves as a design and business assistant and their father Hamza helps with sales and operations.

The Ornament Anchor has led to appearances on numerous television shows including Good Morning America. When they brought the product to QVC, the invention sold out not once, but twice.

Ayaan attributes their success to the brothers’ attitude, even through the Covid pandemic, which he admits has been difficult. “We’ve been keeping it positive though. We are taking small steps every day and have been so amazed by all the positive responses for Ornament Anchor so far,” Ayaan explained.

Yet Ayaan and Mickey didn’t stop there. The brothers have appeared twice on the popular television show Shark Tank, first in 2019 to pitch another product they developed called Kudo Banz. The creation is a bracelet that parents can use as a reward system for children, giving them decorative pieces to motivate them for good habits. They didn’t secure investments from the Sharks, but one host had high praise for the young inventors.

“I really like the way you stood up for yourself,” Shark Daymond John told Mickey. “You’re doing better than most of the adults who pitch here. You’re going to be a future shark.”

In 2021, the brothers returned to Shark Tank to present Ornament Anchor, but they were unable to secure an investment.

Ornament Anchors are available from retailers including Target, Bed Bath & Beyond and Amazon. The device comes in various quantities from three to 48, retailing from $2.50 for the smallest quantity to $25 for the largest pack.

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