So, we’ve shared with you some great reasons why kids should start a business. (Check out tips for kids starting a business.)

But we recently saw a video from successful marketer/blogger Neil Patel, suggesting that kids “should NEVER start a business.”

Really, Neil? Never?

Neil started his first business when he was 16 years old by creating a website, so he knows what it’s like to be a young entrepreneur.

He will be the first one to tell you that his first few business ideas failed. It took him a while to get into the marketing industry, get small business clients, and then start helping those clients bring in more customers and more money.

Neil says in the video that his mistakes as a younger entrepreneur are why he suggests that today’s kids, teens (and even college kids) should start their careers by working for at least one company, before starting their own businesses.

But, does Neil have a point? Is it smarter to first be what he calls an “intrapreneur” working with a company, compared to starting your own business right now?

Neil brings up a good point about making mistakes. But there are people who start businesses at twice, even 3 times your age, and they make mistakes starting out, too.

Neil also talks about the importance of networking, which he suggests is easier to do when you work for a company.

We love Neil. He often gives great advice for entrepreneurs, young and old.

But we disagree with him saying that kids should not start a business.

Working for a company before becoming an entrepreneur is a good idea for some kids. Doing this has helped some entrepreneurs be successful at different ages.

But some kids, teens and young adults need to start their own businesses now.

  • Sometimes, you need to bring in some money quickly for a school/group trip, or you need to save up some money for something you want to buy, like a new smartphone, a laptop, car, etc.
  • And some kids need to bring in money to help their families who are dealing with job loss, illness, or other types of emergencies. Helping your family might make it hard for you to keep a regular schedule at a part-time job or internship.

That’s why we want to give you as many helpful and amazing tips and tools as we can to help you succeed while starting your own business.

And just because you’re starting your own business, it doesn’t mean you’re “going it alone.”

We also believe that it’s important to ask for help and look for mentors to help your business be an amazing success.

Different people can help you. This includes your mom or dad, especially if they’ve started their own business. Or your favorite teacher at school can help. You can also get help from a friend of the family. And, yes, even someone at your internship or part-time job can give you great advice.

You can also network with other entrepreneurs and professionals, young and old, by talking to friends and family and joining local groups for entrepreneurs or professionals in your industry.

Working for someone else can be a good idea. But, it’s not the only way to get people to help you with your business.

Everyone makes mistakes when they’re starting out with their own business.

And one of the great things about starting as a young entrepreneur is that time is on your side.

You’ve got time to fix problems, learn from your mistakes and then work on making your business more awesome.

And we’re here to help you and cheer you on every step of the way!


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