If someone made a movie about you starting a business, would it be a horror flick?

Starting a business can be scary. That’s why so many aspiring young entrepreneurs are afraid when faced with this idea.

These fears make sense. Here are three common challenges for new business owners.

Monsters, Zombies, and Ghosts – Oh My!

When you work for yourself, you could face:

1. Monsters

These monsters can be customers who make unrealistic demands or who are just mean whenever they talk to you.

2. A Zombie

The scary thing about starting a business is that it can leave you feeling like the walking dead. It’s common for new entrepreneurs to put in long hours, including late nights and early mornings, when starting a business.

3. Ghosts

You meet a new, promising customer online or in real life. The two of you contact each a few times over the next few days or weeks. Every email and direct social media message promises to bring you closer to a sale and perhaps a new loyal customer.

Then suddenly, there are no more emails, messages, or any other contact from the potential customer. You try to reach out to them, but there’s no response. Without any explanation, this person seems to have vanished.

You just got ghosted.

How to Face Feeling Scared About a New Business

The good news is that running your own business doesn’t have to be a nightmare. You (with the help of others) can be the hero of your own business journey.

Here are 3 reasons why you should start a business.

1. Create a career that you love.

Making lots of money is great. But it can’t be your only goal. The trick is to find time to do what you love, use your talents to help others and find a way to get paid for it.

If people want to give you lots of money for doing this, then that’s a plus.

2. Give and receive gratitude.

It’s a great feeling when your clients or customers thank you for meeting a need or want. It’s also cool when customers do what they can to help and support you and your business.

3. Know that you’re not alone.

Young entrepreneurs grow and thrive when they have a good group of friends and family members supporting them. Also, be sure to connect with and talk to other entrepreneurs. You need to be able to talk about the “weird” situations you’re facing and have someone say to you, “Yeah. That same thing happened to me, too.”

Final Thoughts

It’s okay to be afraid when you’re starting a business. You might run into some scary characters, but you can find help and support to face your fears. Just don’t let your fear paralyze you.Doing nothing and wondering “What if?” is the scariest mistake of all.

Photo by Artem Kovalev on Unsplash

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