Have you ever watched parents shop with their kids? Sometimes, a store employee will give a free food sample or a toy that was just purchased to a child.

A parent might then ask their child, “What do we say?” After some encouragement, the child might give a shy, “Thank you.”

Customers sometimes thank the employees and companies who help them. But how do you express gratitude to customers as a young entrepreneur?

Here are four ways to say “thanks” to your customers and clients.

1. Don’t wait to express gratitude to customers.

Some entrepreneurs believe they should wait until they have lots of money, or wait for the “perfect” time to thank their customers. They think that once they have lots of customers and/or a larger company, then they can express gratitude to the customers who helped them get there.

But that’s not a good strategy for your business. A better strategy is to thank your “day one” customers and/or social media followers on day one.

Do this and you will build momentum that will carry you through the ups and downs of running your own business. 

There are creative and fun ways to express gratitude to customers every day, or at least on a regular basis, even if you’re just starting out with a tiny budget and you’re short on time.

2. One way to show gratitude — share knowledge

You can quickly forget that what’s easy for you is still difficult for others, including your customers. Sharing your knowledge related to your business’ industry or topic is a great way to express gratitude to your customers.

For example, are you a creative artist (musician, writer, painter, etc.)? Share a quick video or blog about how to play basic notes, write a short essay/story, or create a simple drawing. 

3. Support your customers’ interests.

You will get to know more about some of your customers as you grow your business. Some of your customers will have their own businesses or side gigs. Other customers will share with you the hobbies, charities, social issues, and other things they care about.

Support your customers any time you can. 

  • Buy their products or services to express gratitude to your customers.
  • Donate to their favorite charity or cause.
  • Share their stories and/or work (with their permission) on social media or on your website.

4. Have a customer appreciation week.

Take a whole week to show your gratitude to customers. Ask your customers “How can I thank you?” or “How can we show that we appreciate you?” Doing this will help your customers feel more connected to your business.

Consider making your customer appreciation week an annual event or something special you do a few times during the year.

Final Thoughts About How You Express Gratitude to Customers

It turns out your mom is right. Saying “thanks” is the right thing to do in your business and in life.

Consider the following tips to express gratitude to customers:

  1. Saying thank you to customers when you start your business, or saying “thanks” today if you already have a business.
  2. Sharing valuable lessons related to your business with your customers.
  3. Supporting your customer’s work and/or interests.
  4. Having a customer appreciation week.

Also, keep things simple when you express gratitude to customers. Start with any one of these tips and try other suggestions over time. Your customers will thank you in return. 

Photo by Priscilla Du Preez on Unsplash

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