“Do better!” You’ve probably lost count of how many times you’ve seen this challenge in tweets or other social media posts.

So, what happens when you realize you need to do better? Creating good habits isn’t easy.

Fortunately, there are three ways to change your habits and become a better entrepreneur as well as a better person, in general.

  1. Make your own detailed plan of action for creating good habits.

Setting an action plan boosts your chances of creating good habits, compared to just waiting for the “right time” or sudden dose of motivation. That said, a little inspiration can help you a lot.

Start making your own plan by imagining that your goal is already a normal part of your life.  Ask yourself questions like:

  • What would you do differently during your usual day?
  • How would you change how you communicate with your customers and other people who support your business?
  1. Be prepared for challenges while creating good habits.

There’s a reason why many businesses use the word “challenge” when promoting a product or service that helps their customers reach certain goals. You’ve probably heard of 7-day decluttering challenges, 14-day exercise challenges, etc.

Creating good habits is a process that takes time and effort. There’s always a chance of your old habit returning and slowing down your success.

Use this reminder to deal with challenges: “If I am in situation X, then I will respond by Y.” For example, if your goal is to be more patient with difficult customers, you could say to yourself, “If I get a rude response from a customer, I will take at least a few moments to think, and then respond to that customer.”

Without a plan, you’re more likely to just choose the easiest or first thing that comes to mind, which will probably your old habit that you’re trying to change.

Having a plan makes it easier to know what to do when facing certain challenges, instead of having to make a tough decision quickly.

  1. Be patient with yourself while creating good habits.

A 30-day challenge can be fun. But there is no specific amount of time that will guarantee your success in reaching your goals. The time you need for creating good habits depends on three things:

  • how difficult the new habit is to do
  • how often you do it
  • how much it conflicts with your current habits

Final Thoughts on Creating Good Habits

Creating good habits to become a better entrepreneur, or a better person in general, can feel great. But it’s not always easy.

Just remember to:

  • Have an action plan.
  • Expect some challenges.
  • Give yourself time.

Also, think about sharing what you’re learning along the way with your family, friends, and your most supportive customers.

People love playing a role in someone’s success and journey to do better.

Photo by Katrina Wright on Unsplash


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