Who is the secret for your success? Entrepreneurs see themselves as independent innovators. But every successful business leader gets by with a little help from their friends, families, colleagues and customers.

Many experienced entrepreneurs also learned from those mentoring young entrepreneurs. Mentors of young entrepreneurs can also learn from their proteges.

Here are three great benefits experienced business leaders gain from mentoring young entrepreneurs.

  1. Young entrepreneurs are boldly creative

Kids and teens have plenty of ideas for businesses. Some of those ideas could help your business in different ways. For example, younger entrepreneurs can help you discover new ways to connect with customers, especially if Millennials and/or Generation Z kids are parts of your target audiences or customers.

  1. Their enthusiasm is contagious. 

It’s no secret that younger people’s energy is one of their biggest advantages. Newer entrepreneurs can bring enthusiasm and eagerness to learn about running a business.

This enthusiasm inspires young entrepreneurs and those mentoring them. Being a mentor can breathe new life into parts of your business that seem boring to you.

  1. Newer entrepreneurs are surprisingly optimistic. 

Sometimes adults don’t give kids enough credit for being aware of what’s happening around them. Many young people know our society is struggling with unprecedented changes and ongoing challenges. They know the future feels more uncertain for others and even themselves.

Many young entrepreneurs are still optimistic about the future, despite facing these challenges. They believe they can use their skills and their businesses to help others.

Who couldn’t use an extra dose of optimism? Young entrepreneurs’ sense of hope is a cure for more experienced entrepreneurs who may feel jaded for different reasons, such as past business failures or current challenges.

Working with young entrepreneurs might remind you of a time when you saw beyond challenges and potential failures while working on your own business ideas.

Final Thoughts on Young Entrepreneurs and Mentoring

Maybe entrepreneurship wasn’t taught or even mentioned when you went to school. Fortunately, that is slowly changing for younger generations of entrepreneurs. Still, today’s young entrepreneurs need mentoring and guidance.

Working with younger people and seeing their creativity, enthusiasm, and optimism means the benefits of becoming a mentor goes as much in your direction as it does in theirs.

Photo by NeONBRAND on Unsplash

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