You’re dealing with a lot right now, as a parent. Handling changes with your job, finances, and your children’s school routines are just some of the things on your to-do list.

And now, you have a child who is starting their own business. Teaching kids about career paths is hard enough when your life is stable.

So, what should you tell your young entrepreneur about career paths when you’re facing so many changes with your own career?

Here are four tips for how you can help your child choose a career path and develop his or her entrepreneurial skills.

  1. Help your child learn about their own strengths and interests.

Talk to your child about his or her business. How are things going so far? What do they like most about their business? What skills or tasks seem easy, from your child’s perspective?

Consider assessment tests so you can help your child choose a career path. For older children such as high school students, you can suggest taking assessment tests such as an enneagram test or The Myers-Briggs test. (A good start would be Rising Innovator’s business idea quiz — take this quiz to see which business ideas match your personality.)

These tests can help you and your child learn more about your child’s personality and interests. If your child chooses a business that fits his personality, he is more likely to work hard at developing the skills he needs to succeed.

  1. Find support for you and your child.

Social gatherings are rare these days due to the Covid-19 pandemic. But you can still have a small group of people who support you so you can help your child choose and develop a business.

Consider the people who you already turn to for advice about parenting, your career and other issues. You can virtually check in with these people using email, social media, and/or informal Zoom calls.

Then, encourage your child to think about their own friends. Which friends help them with school work? Which ones support their business or give great advice? Answering these questions will help your child build their own group of supporters.

You can also look for online parenting groups for yourself and find online groups for young entrepreneurs like your child.

  1. Help your child look for a mentor.

Speaking of supporters, you don’t have to be the only positive, encouraging adult in your child’s life. A mentor can be a great resource and guide for your young entrepreneur since they can help your child choose a career path.

Consider your own professional network or using LinkedIn to find potential mentors for your child.

  1. Be patient with yourself and your child.

Having a great career is an ongoing journey that includes constant change, as many of us have learned during the past year or so. Be patient with yourself as you learn and adapt to how your own work life is changing. Use this experience to help your child choose a career path.

Also, be patient with your child as they continue to learn and make decisions about their business, career plans, and dreams.

Final thoughts

The recent coronavirus pandemic drastically changed how parents work while raising their children. As a parent, your work life and your life at home is more blended together compared to a year or so ago.  You can use this situation to your advantage, especially if your child wants to be an entrepreneur or already has their own business.

Keep these tips in mind so you can help your child get started on his or her entrepreneurial path and follow that path to success.

  1. Discuss with your child their strengths and interests.
  2. Virtually connect with people to support you and your child, along your child’s career path.
  3. Consider finding a mentor for your child.
  4. Be patient.

Fortunately you can use skills and experiences from your own life, and from other people, to teach your child about developing a business, even while facing changes and challenges.

Photo by Juliane Liebermann on Unsplash