As part of our efforts to bring you news from near and far, we are alerting you to the Teen Tycoon Challenge happening June 15 in Comox Valley. If you want to find out more, click on the link below.

“When I first took this on I was thinking lemonade stands and cookie sales,” [Vivian Vaillant, a youth program supervisor with the Boys and Girls Clubs of Central Vancouver Island] said. “I was blown away not only by the complexity of the projects these teens wanted to work on, but also their follow-through. It has been such an honour to work with every one of them.”

If you have no idea where Comox Valley is, you probably don’t live anywhere near there. But we’ll go ahead and tell you it’s in British Columbia, which is in Canada for those of us below the border.

Young Comox Valley entrepreneurs to pitch business ideas in annual Teen Tycoon Challenge

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