There’s one thing you can always count on when running your own business: change.

Customers change their minds about what they want or need from a product or service. New technology changes how you can create and deliver products and services.nThese are just two examples of the many changes you might deal with.

Some business experts suggest you think about how you can disrupt your business. Why would you want to disrupt your own business?

Disrupting your business means changing what products or services you offer so you can match your customers’ changing needs and wants. Check out these three ways to disrupt your business and keep your customers coming back to you.

  1. Give your customers a new product or service.

Creating a new product or service is a great way to disrupt your industry. But you need to have a strong reason for doing something new.

The new product, or the new way of delivering your product, must meet a customer’s need or want in a way that hasn’t been met before. You can also reach out to new potential customers by providing a product or service to an underserved group of people.

  1. Get creative.

It’s so easy to feel intimidated by the bigger stores and companies in your industry. Larger businesses have a lot more money and other resources than you.

But you and your small business have at least one advantage over the bigger guys. You’re more likely to experiment with new products and new ways of doing business. This makes you more able to handle quick changes in customer’s needs or in your general industry.

Compare this to bigger companies, which are more likely to fall into the trap of sticking to older ways of creating and delivering products and services. Larger businesses are slower to realize industry changes. Many leaders of big companies are more comfortable with sticking with the saying “We’ve always done it this way.”

  1. Make new technology and information work for you.

Pay attention to new technology and new ways to get information. Think about how your current customers or your potential customers might already be using new products, apps, services or other resources to help meet their wants and needs.

Final Thoughts

Even the most creative person can fall into a usual schedule or way of doing things. Most business owners need regular plans for some parts of their businesses.

The key to creating and growing a successful business is knowing when it’s time for a change. Making the right kind of changes that your customers want can literally pay off for you and your business.

Photo by Jordan McDonald on Unsplash

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