It’s a new year — a new decade. Maybe it’s time to try a new entrepreneur idea.

Check out our top suggestions for new business ideas in 2020, whether this is your first business or you’re a current entrepreneur.

  1. Become a social media manager.

Do you have a great understanding of different social media sites like Instagram, Twitter and Facebook? If so, you can make money handling the social media accounts for companies and other entrepreneurs. You could also use your awesome social media skills to promote local performers and artists.

You can market yourself as a specialist of certain social media platforms, focusing on just two or three sites where you already spend most of your time online.

You could also consider learning more about sites like LinkedIn. This site is popular among companies and entrepreneurs who want to effectively connect with customers and other people working in their respective industries.

  1. Start a podcast.

Are you looking to become the next online star? You could start a podcast to grow your online presence and build a following. All you need is a few pieces of quality digital and recording equipment and some interesting topics to chat about.

Podcasters often make money with sponsorships. You could also build a business around products and services your audience wants.

Take some time to think about what it takes to create your show. This includes your podcast’s name, website, artwork, music, format, and your speaking style.  These decisions will help you create your podcast’s unique style and help you know which groups of people will love your show.

  1. Take your gaming skills to the next level.

Maybe your parents (and even some of your friends) don’t get why you love playing video games. But you can make money if you know how to combine your gaming expertise with some marketing strategies.

One way to make money is to share your gaming knowledge with less-experienced gamers. You could use current gaming and social media sites to create gaming guides or give lessons to your viewers and subscribers.

Another way gamers make money is to simply live-stream yourself playing your favorite games on sites like Twitch or YouTube Gaming. Here, you get the chance to give commentary and connect with other gamers through live chat. You can earn money from ads, subscriptions and donations.

  1. Bonus Idea: Try athleisure.

The three business ideas we’ve covered so far are different forms of online services. But we also wanted to share another awesome business idea, especially if you love fashion and design.

Maybe you’ve heard the term “athleisure.” This fashion trend has gradually grown since the latter part of the last century. Athleisure refers to outfits that look like athletic wear, but are fashionable enough to be worn at school, work, or during social occasions.

Beyoncé co-founded Ivy Park in 2016, an athleisure clothing line, which she promoted in Elle magazine during a recent rare interview.

The good news is that you don’t have to be a wildly successful entertainer to start making money in this industry. Consider using sites like Etsy and Shopify to help build your own athleisure business. You can also use social media platforms including Instagram, Pinterest and Facebook ads to promote your products.

Final Thoughts

You now have four entrepreneur ideas for 2020 to choose from for your next business. Consider helping others out with their social media accounts. You could begin your own podcast or share your expert gaming skills with others. Or, you can join other fashionistas by building your own athleisure brand.

Any of these ideas will help you have a successful start to the new decade.

Good luck in the new year!

Photo by Sara Kurfeß on Unsplash

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