Event-focused businesses that add fun and creativity to any occasion are becoming more and more popular. Photo booths are popular for parties, weddings, fundraising events, corporate events, concerts and conventions to capture special moments with their guests. If creating photo moments is your thing, this might be the perfect business for you! Continue reading to learn more about how to start a photo booth business. 


  • Allows for Creativity. Depending on the event, you can create a really fun experience with themed photo booths.
  • Get paid to attend cool events. There are all sorts of interesting events happening and most of them are invite only or ticket required. As a vendor, you will be able to attend fun events in your local area.
  • Easy part-time work. Book as many or as little events as your schedule requires.


  • Equipment Costs. Professional photography equipment can be costly and expensive, especially when first starting out.
  • Lots of Traveling. Having reliable transportation is a must for this business, thus adding to the cost of doing business.

How to Start a Photo Booth Business:

NOTE: Before you start your business, you should read the page on this website entitled “things to think about before you get started.” After you have taken the preliminary steps for starting any business, you can take the specific steps outlined below.

Step One: Pre-Game

Ask your friends and family members about upcoming events that would give you permission to set up a photo booth. Your first gig could be at your cousin’s birthday bash! You never know. After you have established your need, start calculating costs for various customized packages.

Step Two: Equipment

Photo booths are portable and can be set up and customized for any occasion. But before you start thinking about building one, it would be a good idea to gather professional photography equipment first. A nice camera and a couple of lighting fixtures and a backdrop frame are what you need to get started.

Have a neutral color backdrop for a basic background at first that could work with any occasion, then you can work your way up to customized features as you grow your business. Props are important to adding fun to your booth. You can find party hats, giant sunglasses, streamers and other cool decor at affordable prices.

Check out this cool article about 8 Photo Booth Ideas for Events by BizBash to get some ideas.

Step Three: Marketing

Build a website and set up Social Media for your photo booth business to spread the word that you are in business. Always report upcoming events and post your best pictures to show everyone the magical moments you are creating.

Let everyone know your brand while at the event you are shooting. Talk to guests and encourage them to use the booth, invite them to follow you on social media to see their pictures. Be sure to be authentic! As a Photo Booth Business, it’s important to use your own images for your advertising.

Step Four: Get Shooting!

Business will be slow at first, so consider offering your photo booth services for free to charitable events or family gatherings. Don’t forget to upload images right away to your social media channels and tag necessary parties (a.k.a your event hosts).

In Conclusion

Learning how to start a photo booth business might be simple enough, but building your brand is a long game that takes patience and creativity. Visit our business ideas page to discover more great ideas.

Photo courtesy of Oregon Department of Transportation 

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