A lot of the typical businesses that teenagers start — like selling lemonade or mowing lawns — are difficult if not impossible to do these days with so many people wary of contact with strangers. But there are plenty of jobs teenagers can do online, particularly if you are creative.

People are staying home more, and that means more opportunities to buy things online. This presents a great opportunity for artists and designers. If you’re a creative teenager artist and you’re looking for a business to start, try one of these online business ideas.

  1. Greeting Card Maker – If you’re good at writing, graphics, or both, you can start a greeting card business online and sell your own branded greeting cards. With modern technology, greeting cards can be print or digital, and many people will buy original greeting cards that they can send electronically through email or social media. If you want to sell print versions of your digital greeting cards as an add-on service, you can do that online too.
  2. Book Cover Designer – For the past decade, writers who want to become published book authors have more options than writers of the past. Self-publishing has opened up opportunities for writers outside of traditional publishing, but many writers are not book cover artists. They need someone to create attractive book covers for them. This creates a great opportunity for teenage artists who want to put their skills to work in their own online business.
  3. Website Designer – Website design requires a little more work than greeting cards and book covers, but many successful website designers started as teenagers. If you have a good eye for detail, understand basic programming languages like HTML and CSS, then you can be a website designer.
  4. Game Designer – When people think about game design, they often think about video or online games. You can certainly become a video game or online game designer if you have the skills. However, you can also design board games and card games. There are several websites online that allow small game designers working on their own to create and design board games and card games then sell them to players.
  5. Meme Creator – If you’ve spent much time on Facebook or Instagram, you’ve likely encountered your fair share of memes. Someone has to create those. If you’re good at graphic arts and can think up captions to go with your memes, you can create your own brand of memes that people will share all over the internet. You might even get a few customers who will be interested in custom-made memes. Many businesses use them for promotional purposes.

Running a business is hard work, but it can be fun — especially when it’s something creative and fun. And doing it online means you can run your business from your home, which should satisfy your parents, too.