Are you ready to take a leap into the world of young entrepreneurship but are not sure what kind of business you want to start? Great News! Below are links to  “Businesses in a Box” that are designed to get you going.

Boss Club:  Pick your kit! Bath bomb, dog treats, soap, fudge or cake pops. You follow the step-by-step instructions and see what it feels like to be a successful young entrepreneur. The boxes are designed to give you everything you need for the startup of your own small business. Get the details here:

The Toolbox: Maybe you have a perfect idea but want more guidance on how to get it off the ground from those that have been there and done that. The “Teen Entrepreneur Toolbox” is a combination boxset that includes a book, DVD, app, flashcards and poster — all designed to answer your every question and give you an 8-step process to launch your business startup idea. This box set has been wildly loved by enthusiastic teens like yourself. A boxed opportunity to help bring your vision into a marketable reality.

Free Lemonade Business Kit: Want a free and easy startup? Try this Free Lemonade Stand packet. Designed to not only make your lemonade stand successful but also a fantastic opportunity to learn about business startups.

Venture Labs: This is a nonprofit business interested in getting kids the entrepreneurial skills they need to develop. They have some great free content that will help you have a successful business, and they have some free mini-workshops to get your mind buzzing with new ideas.  All of this content is free and much of it is designed for specific age groups, a great resource for anyone interested in starting their own business.

Last, but certainly not least, another resource to try is the Rising Innovator free business idea generator quiz and our Getting Started section.

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