Your business is growing and more people are buying your products and services. So, how do you keep great customers?

The answers aren’t always obvious. But one thing that is obvious is that customer service is important.

Here are three surprising ideas to help you help your customers and your business.

1. The customer is sometimes wrong.

It’s natural to want to make all of your customers happy all of the time. But the old saying that “The customer is always right,” is actually wrong.

Sometimes customers misunderstand you or how your product works. Some customers have unrealistic expectations.

Be patient when dealing with difficult customers. Also, know that sometimes you won’t be able to give a customer everything they want.

2. Customers are loyal to experiences, not things.

Price and quality may be the first things a customer notices about your product. But it’s the way a product makes your customers feel that makes them buy from you and become loyal customers.

Think about how you want your customers to feel about their purchases. Do they feel entertained, relieved, beautiful, or any other feelings when they buy your product or service?

How can you express these feelings in your social media posts and in other promotions?

3. Customer service is about you, too.

It’s great to focus on your customers’ wants and needs. That’s why learning about your customers helps you become a better entrepreneur and run a successful business.

Key Takeaways on Why Customer Service is Important

Learning about your customers doesn’t stop after you make your first few sales. It’s an ongoing journey.

As your business grows, remember:

• Customers are sometimes wrong.
• Great experiences create loyal customers.
• Good customer service helps you and your business.

Photo by Clay Banks on Unsplash

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