Let’s say you want to start a local business. You’ve already done your lemonade stands and your lawn mowing gigs, and you’re looking to spice up the neighborhood market and shake up the apartment block. You want a nice side gig, something that will make you some extra pocket change without consuming your every waking moment. So, why not get into the party business?


  • Even if you’re not one of those extroverted types who feels comfortable starting a party activity planning business, you can still start a party-related business.
  • It’s a business with a large potential market.
  • You’ll learn organizational skills that you can use in many other areas.


  • Depending on how big and elaborate the party is, you may need to do a lot of running around to various stores.
  • You will almost surely need a car or someone to drive you.
  • For some rental items, you may need an adult to get them for you.

How to get started:

NOTE: Before you start your business, you should read the page on this website entitled “things to think about before you start a business.” After you have taken the preliminary steps for starting any business, you can take the specific steps outlined below.

Planning parties can be a headache, especially large parties. Napkins, cups, plates, utensils – and that’s not even mentioning food and equipment like bounce houses. Who wants to deal with all of that?

People can gather all of the supplies, saving clients time and stress, allowing them to focus on the fun aspects of the party.

Sure, they can get a lot of small things themselves with a quick trip to Walmart – but not everything. They may have to also go to a party store for streamers, banners and other decorations. And folding chairs and tables need to be rented from a party equipment rental store.

Before launching your business, you should take stock of all the places to get party supplies and equipment and where it can be found for the cheapest price. You might want to also get any equipment that you can let customers use for their party (e.g., chairs, tables and coolers). Ask friends, family and neighbors if they have any they want to sell for a small price or get rid of for free. (If it’s not in good shape, however, be sure to clean it up and/or fix it.)

Be sure you have a clean space to store equipment that you will use in your business.

Next, you want to prepare flyers for your business and/or create a website. Learn more about creating a website. Flyers are not difficult to make; if you have Microsoft Word, simply click on “new,” then search for a template for a flyer. Choose a template you like and design your flyer. Be sure to include pricing, contact information and your website URL.

Now you are ready to start looking for customers. Here are some suggestions:

  • Distribute flyers around the neighborhood
  • Post on social media, including websites that are limited to surrounding homes like Nextdoor or Facebook community pages.
  • Post notices on bulletin boards in coffee houses, supermarkets and anywhere else that store managers allow it.

How much to charge:

Research the current rates in your area by googling “party supply,” talking to other planners or searching a site like Craig’slist where people offer services. You may want to offer your services to one or two clients for cost of supplies only to get an idea of how much time it will take to gather supplies for an average party. (You should at least pay yourself the $7.25/hour minimum wage hourly rate.) Then set your labor charge according to how much time you expect to take for each party.

You cand periodically adjust your rates as you gain more experience. Think about creating tiers of rates depending on the size or complexity of the party.

Taking it to the next level:

  • Offer additional services such as arranging for bounce houses or rides.
  • Develop a discount system for repeat customers.
  • Provide entertainment options for the parties
  • After you have been in business for a certain period of time, offer a consulting session where you can give customers advice on supplies they will need.

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