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Welcome to the Rising Innovator blog! This website already has a ton of helpful content for young entrepreneurs, and we update and add to that content regularly.

So why do we need a blog, too? Don’t we already have enough work to do??

Well, yes, but there’s a lot going on all over the country – all over the world – that young innovative people (and their parents) might want to know about. This is a fairly large planet and there’s always someone, somewhere, doing something interesting. Maybe even fascinating.

We regularly run across interesting items and when we do, we gotta tell someone. We might do an in-depth piece and post it elsewhere on this website. But if we’re swamped (or maybe if it’s a sunny day and we feel like going out to play), we may just include a link here.

What we won’t do is keep it too ourselves.

We also may have an occasional really deep thought that we can’t keep to ourselves because it’s really deep. (Always come to this blog prepared to have your mind blown.)

Want to hear about some interesting things that we came across recently? Check out these three stories about kids and teens who are already succeeding and making a difference in the communities where they live and beyond.

1. It’s more than just a cup of coffee.

Teens from two schools in the Denver, CO area are combining their talents to run a successful coffee shop called Pinwheel Coffee. Find out the recipe for their success.

2. “The next Girl Scout Cookies?”

We love stories about kids and teens overcoming challenges to, not only succeed, but also help others. That’s exactly what’s happening with Black Bee Honey, a business run by teens in Orlando, FL that sells different varieties of honey.

This business is thriving in the middle of one of Orlando’s “food deserts.” A food desert is a community where it’s difficult for people to find and buy affordable, fresh, and healthy foods.

Check out how the teens and the community supporting them hope to make Black Bee Honey “the next Girl Scouts cookies” success story.

3. “Are you gonna charge tonight?”

Meet Brandon, an 18-year-old who drives a minivan, which has turned from a joke to admiration from his friends.

Why? Because that minivan helps Brandon earn money as a “Bird hunter.” Bird is a scooter-sharing company and their electric scooters are popping up in various U.S. cities.

Read more about the adventures of Brandon and other Bird hunters.

So please, read on, share this blog with friends, and come back soon for the latest tips for young entrepreneurs!

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