Three brothers wanted more cash for video games but their parents wouldn’t budge. Their parents told them their budget was spent and they would either need to do some work or start up a company. So that’s what they did; the brothers – Collin Gill (15), Ryan Gill (12), and Austin Gill (10) – launched a candle company called Freres Branchiaux, (which literally means Gill Brothers in French.)

Mom attended a candle-making class and brought that knowledge back to her sons who then brainstormed, tested and smelled their company into existence. 

Spending time on the details set the boy’s company apart from other competitors. They picked the perfect fragrance, types of wicks and various sorts of wax to put out the best candles they could dream up.

The result was a smashing success. Far exceeding their original goals of earning some extra toy cash; the brothers are now donating 10% of their earnings to homeless shelters nationwide! These boys prove that some of the best businesses give back.

The boys have kept their craft small and personal creating single, hand-poured, candle batches. They are personally involved each step of the way. They even hand-package each candle.

While their product remains personal, their brand is smashing the ceiling of their wildest dreams. Macy’s Department store started featuring the Freres Branchiaux products in 2019.

This past year, the brothers have added to their candle line by creating additional manufactured items for sale. They now offer room sprays, diffusers, bath salts, candle snuffers, and wick cutters.

Perhaps it was their company motto that set them apart from others – Smell it, Light it, Love it! Whatever their magic ingredient was, this is one family that is certainly dreaming big and seeing big results.

These boys are earning a great deal more than just extra cash for video games with their parent’s encouragement and support they are learning about business and creating a legacy.

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