Before reading this, read Part I of our series on making memes for your business.

A great meme can give your customers a quick, funny look at what your business is like. But what does it take to make the right memes for your business?

Here are three tips for creating inspiring and funny memes.

1. Use short and relatable words in your meme’s image.

The text space in your social media post can help set up or describe a situation that’s related to your business and the meme.A simple example of a meme for a T-shirt business could be an Instagram post that starts with “When someone says they don’t know what to wear,” followed by a meme with the text “Tell me more.”

2. Many great memes come from pop culture.

Keep an eye out for meme images featuring celebrities, popular movies, and popular TV shows.

You can also go to long-running or “classic” meme sources such as images from rapper Drake’s “Hotline Bling” video.

3. Be funny and relevant.

Make sure a meme’s joke relates to your customers and social media followers. Different people have different ideas of what is funny and what isn’t funny. Look at your previous social media posts, especially if your business is already on one or more social sites.

Find the posts that got the most likes and/or comments, especially if any of your followers responded with laughing emojis. This will give you an idea of what kinds of content your customers will enjoy.

Final Thoughts on Creating Great Memes

You don’t have to be the funniest or most creative person to make a cool meme.

Keep the following tips in mind while making memes.

  • Make the words within your meme image short.
  • Many great memes come from pop culture.
  • Know your customers’ sense of humor.

A simple image with the right word or words can make you more relatable and encourage your customers to keep supporting your business.

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