You’re working hard to get the word out about your business. So, what should you do if someone offers to feature you and your business on their podcast?

Here are some quick, smart tips for how to be a good guest on a podcast. Most of this advice can also work for other types of interviews, including on YouTube as well as for online and print publications.

Preparing to be a Good Guest on a Podcast

Check out at least one full episode of the podcast. Actually, try to listen to two or more full episodes to get a better idea of the podcast, the host(s), and their audience.

But one full episode will do if you get short notice about being a guest or if you have a busy schedule during the time leading up to your guest episode.

During the Podcast

Here are two things you can do for a great podcast experience.

1. Get good audio equipment. Sure, a podcast has to give its audience members what they want. But the sound quality is just as important for a podcast. Try to get a decent microphone, if you don’t already have one.

2. Have a strong call to action. A podcast host usually ends most episodes by asking how their audience can connect with their guest. That’s your chance to tell the audience exactly how they can support your business.

Need more email subscribers? Share a link to get on your email list. Promoting a certain product/service? Share a link to that product.

You could also offer a discount that only the podcast’s audience can get.

3. After the Podcast
Here are two things you can do when your podcast guest spot is done.

  • Thank the podcast host(s). Say “thanks” immediately after the episode finishes recording.
  • Promote the episode. Share the episode on your social media accounts and on your website. If you have an email list of customers, send them an email shortly after the podcast episode becomes available.

Takeaways for How to be a Good Guest on a Podcast

If you get an offer to be on a podcast, be sure to:

  • Prepare for your guest podcast episode by listening to some previous episodes.
  • During the interview, use a good microphone and give a strong call to action for listeners to connect with you and your business.
  • After the episode, thank the podcast host(s) and promote the episode on social media and on your website.

And don’t forget the most important tip of all: Have fun! Remember that most interviews are just casual conversations (that just happen to be recorded).

So, treat a guest podcast interview as a great chance for you to talk about your business and reach new customers.

Photo by Medy Siregar on Unsplash

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